A Guide On How To Be Happy Again After A Divorce Or A Relationship Breakup

couple having rows: ready for divorce
Couple exhibiting pre divorce symptoms!

If you had been married and got divorced recently or you may have been in a long term relationship and your relationship has ended permanently, the first thing that you should do is DO NOT THINK THAT YOU ARE ALONE:

In the EU-28, according to the most recent data available for all EU Member Countries, nearly one Million divorces took place in 2013 alone!

So, knowing about the amazing number of marriages or long term relationships which could and would go wrong should stop us feeling sorry for ourselves and stop thinking that we are the only ones who have been unlucky with our long term partners or spouses.

In this video Viva Kay explains how she dealt with her divorce and rebuilt a happy life for herself.

After a divorce or a split we have two choices to consider:

+ Either sit in one corner and keep thinking “why this has all happened to me” and feeling miserable all the time and making others around us miserable too.

+ Or start to rebuild our new “single life” in the manner that can produce lots of joy and success for us as a now divorced individual whose all free times should be now spent on ourselves and OURSELVES ONLY.

To become a happy single after a divorce, there are so many things that you can do to achieve this but the most important thing is to keep yourself and your mind occupied all the time so that your thoughts will not be allowed to swayback towards your past and your marriage break down or your partnership split.

The following suggestions are just a handful ways you can try to completely bury down your pre-divorce memories:

Start thinking of new ways of making as much money as possible – To learn how to create an online small business will be an ideal startup, because it will serve you in multiple ways:

  1. It will keep your mind occupied most of the time
  2. If you can make it a profitable business, it will assist you or your kids, if you have any, to improve your living standards.
  3. Most importantly, it will give you a purpose to look forward to in your new life and will encourage you to get out of the bed sharp and ready for your new venture every day

Create a group for other divorced individuals like yourself:

This would have a great positive psychological effect on you: When you’re discussing your pains with 10’s of other divorced people like yourself, you’re bound to come across other individuals’ experiences, which have probably been far worse than your own. Then as a result, this would have a great healing effect on you and could make you forget about your own pains and tilt your thoughts towards other divorcees with far more severe experiences.

Start putting pen to paper and write down your married life experiences with the intention of publishing it either as a book or on the internet through a weblog or a social networking site:

Initially, this may give you some flashbacks, which you might find painful, but you will find as you progress, your feelings of anger will decrease, and it will start creating a calming effect on you and your whole outlook to life will start to change from the thoughts of what had happened to you during all those years of marriage or the times that you shared with your ex partner.

Help Out The Under-privileged:

One of the best ways to forget about your own pains is to help those who have more pains than yourself – So why not try one of the following good deeds:

+ Help out pensioners with their shopping or cook them some delicious homemade stuff. I am sure seeing them enjoying it all while they eat what you have prepared for them could radiate ultra psychological joy into your system.

+ Give help to children who are orphans or those who could use some help or a bit of love from a caring adult like yourself.

+ Spending some time as a Samaritan could be mentally rewarding and at the same time will give you some realisation that there are other individuals who are in much worse situations than yourself.